About Lata Creations

• Leading the premium fabrics and the high street fashion printed fabrics, Lata Creations is the global rulers of the industry.

• We at Lata boast a high profile list of clientele that includes domestic and international brands across 40 countries. This list includes high-end firms like Alok Industries , Leela , Next
Creations LLC USA, to name a few. Some of the farfetched domestic brands.

LATA For years now,

  • LATA has established itself as the leader in contemporary and classic textile suppliers. With over forty years of experience and with the latest manufacturing facilities and factories , Lata makes cutting edge textile fashion a reality.
  • Lata boasts of world-class integrated manufacturing plants with spinning, yarn-dyeing, weaving, printing, processing and inspection and packing facilities. To add to this, its technical collaboration with high-end Mills for finishing, and a Japanese company for printing, sets it apart from the competition.
  • Lata focuses on the premium and high value niche product segments.
  • At Lata, there’s no room for compromise when it comes to social and environmental responsibilities. In fact caring for people and the environment while still pursuing a sustainable growth is Lata’s irrevocable commitment of society.

    Textile Style

  • We at Lata Creations have always played a major role in the textile movement, for over a period now. In order to spearhead this movement, we have setup a state-of-the-art textile mills all
    over India.
  • These studios are run by creative teams who provide speedy solutions and ideas, customized designs while giving access to the latest international styles, exclusive colours, patterns and designs.

Across countries

Values for others

We, Lata Textiles are an organisation who abides by enduring values that are the foundation of our business. These values are at the heart of all we do each day.

1) For Lata Textiles customers come first. We always listen to our customers. We are committed to delivering real values .We take ownership of all our customer’s problems unit it is solved.

2) We hold ourselves and those we work with to the highest ethical standards. We are honest with each other and constructively give and willingly accept candid feedback. We build
relationships of trust so we can share and accept the truth, even when its hard to say or hear. We do the right things even when no one is watching

3) We respect each other and value their ideas and points of view. We work together and support each other to achieve our goals. We incorporate fun with hard work. We have a passion for
winning. We are one Enterprise. There is no “they” or “I”.

4) We strive to find better ways to solve customer problems. We embrace change and use it to shape our own future. We seek innovative solutions to achieve a competitive advantage.
We recognize outstanding performance. We inspire each other to succeed .We encourage risk-taking.